Cat Hats & Tails

Just For Fun

girl crouching wearing black cat hat and tail
Lucy on the prowl in her black cat hat and tail.

Cat Hat - $15

Item #2000

Cat Tail - $15

Item #2001

Hat & Tail Set - $25

Item #2002
Hat & Tail Sizes

Handcrafted For Kids and Adults - Black Cat or Leopard

Our cat hats are a fun way to keep your head warm or just be playful. Cat tail is attached to a 2" black elastic waistband with a velcro closure. Perfect for gifts. 100% Polyester. Hand wash, air dry.

two teenagers wearing black cat hats
Sarah and Sophia have been wearing
cat hats since they were little.
girl in tree wearing leopard cat hat and tail
Lucy the leopard.

Our cat hat story began when Sarah was a toddler. She refused to wear hats and she loved cats. So Mom, Cindy, created a black cat hat and not too long afterward a tail. Very quickly Sarah had a variety of hats and tails to choose from. For years Sarah wore them everywhere. They were required wear for the grocery store, the basis for halloween costumes, a birthday party and everyday play. Even now, if Sarah and her friend Sophia put on a hat, they smile.