Half Round Bars

A Fabulous Chest Opener

Long and Short Half Rounded Bar

Short Half Round Bar - $39

Item #605
Approx. 2.75"x6"x13.5"

Long Half Round Bar - $49

Item #606
Approx. 2.75"x6"x27"
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The curve on the Long Half Round Bar offers a precise higher central elevation for the spine when used lengthwise. This allows the rib cage and shoulders to gently drape to either side. It is a wonderful opening for rest or pranayama. May also be used crosswise below the armpit. The Short Half Round Bar is the compact version sized for travel. Explore its use for seated poses, back support, foot support and chest openings while on the road or at home.

Our corduroy covered foam props provide a lightweight, firm, even support with just enough give to be comfortable. The corduroy feels good against the skin and helps to keep props from sliding when stacked.

Half Round Bar Colors

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